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Tiger Snakes

Tiger Snake

NEW! Introducing our new Tiger Snake. A twisted polyester fish rod for controlled flexibility and strength. Coiled in a PVC dispenser.

Fiberglass Fish Tape

Fiberglass fish rods

Portable, lightweight. Use above false ceilings, inside walls, crawlspaces, under floors and between tack strip and wall. 3/16" in diameter, 150 feet.


Mini-Fish Tape

mini fish tape

The mini tip can penetrate areas the standard 1/4" tip can't. The reverse end accommodates all the standard attachments we offer. Fits in a briefcase!

Steel Fish Tape

steel fish tape

Enjoy the same features as our Push-Pull rods coiled in a translucent plastic carrying case. Steel with extra strength nylon coating. Change tips easily. Grab and pull!

Push Pull Rods

Push pull rods in bag

Ideal for running multi-purpose cable behind walls, up through crawl spaces and under floors. Perfect for every hard-to-reach place. Non-conductive, connects easily for flexiblity.

push pull rods plumbing and cable


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A ball and chain for the end of your rods! Click here

A roller guide for the end of your rods. Click here

Telescoping Gopher Poles


standard pulling poles

For use in long spans and hard-to-reach areas in ceilings, floors and crawl spaces. Standard and Heavy Duty. Each available in 16' and 26' lengths.

Heavy duty gopher poles

carry bag for heavy duty and standard gopher poles

Carry Bag for Telescoping Gopher Poles.


Attachment Accessories for Push Pull Rods. Gopher Poles, Fish Tapes and Wall Snakes

A light for the end of your rods.

Rodalong Continous Rods

For big jobs--electrical conduit, water lines and underground piping. Equally useful to the plumbing industry. Continuous lengths up to 1000 feet. Same 1/4" diameter as our Push Pull Rods. Perfect to feed through electrical conduits, fiber optic innerduct, and T-bar ceilings.

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Rectangular Wall & Carpet Snakes
New! Now in 17ft, 50 ft & 100 ft lengths

rectangular wall and carpet snake

A coated fiberglass rectangular snake that goes where a round rod can't! Affords a flexibility that no round rod can offer.



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push rod accessories